Entry Submission

£110.00 (plus VAT)

To enter the awards please complete the entry form below using all the headings, providing clear and concise information and evidence to back up your achievements and results where possible.  This will help your entry stand out.

Judges have provided guidelines for each category group so please make sure you have read and relate your entry to the judges recommendations. Click here

You can only complete the entry form once, so we recommend you prepare your entry in a word document first, then copy cut and paste your answers into the boxes below.  To help you we have provided the entry form in a word document. Download here

If you are submitting multiple entries please complete each entry form and submit. Each entry will be saved in your basket.  When you have submitted all your entries go to “Your Basket” and complete your entry and pay the entry fee.


£110 + Vat for each entry

Enter 5 and get the 6th Free

We must receive payment for your entry to qualify for judging

If you need any assistance with completing your submission, please call us on +44 (0) 20 8444 2554.